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Our Approach is Different

The traditional hiring approach consists of posting your opportunity on dozens of job boards and waiting for resumes to come in. Then you'll spend countless hours reading resumes, interviewing lousy candidates and hoping that the one you chose works out!  We're here to change that - no more wasting your time sifting through unqualified resumes.      

The EAR approach is proactive.  No waiting around for the right candidate to magically appear. We go out and find them. We specialize in finding passive candidates; the ones who aren't even aware of your opportunity but may be open to hearing your story. We are experts at turning high-quality, passive candidates into active candidates.

The Process

When we begin a search we leave no stone unturned: 

  • We conduct a thorough analysis of our proprietary candidate database. 
  • We look into the professional background of candidates and search their social media profiles.
  • While conducting phone  and email conversations, we assess a candidate's communication style and skills.
  • We'll create a detailed presentation of the candidate for you, with an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • We also debrief the candidate and offer feedback to you. 

The process ends with a recommendation of a candidate turning into a successful hire and a long term quality employee.  The relationship continues as your future hiring needs surface.

We Can Fill Any Role in Your Firm

We have expanded our service offering to include recruitment of support advisors, operations professionals, and administrative staff. We want to be the one stop for all your recruiting needs!

*Please Note: While we understand the importance of growing revenue via acquisition we are not in the business of finding and moving books of business.  There are many fine firms who specialize in that area of recruiting. 

Fee Structure

Unlike traditional recruiting firms, we don't charge a commission. Instead, we charge a flat fee. Using a process known as an "Engaged Search" we ask for a  retainer deposit at the outset of the project and after a successful placement the retainer deposit is credited on the invoice.  Lastly, we offer a 90-Day Replacement Guarantee. 

Employers, Begin Your Search Now!